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Team of Swedish

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  • We only accept assignments for which we are suitably qualified.

  • We always deliver on time, without compromising on quality.

  • We believe in collaboration and doing things right from the start.

  • About Us

    Translation is a professional service that requires strong collaboration skills and sensitivity. Effective communication between the translators, project manager, and client is also essential.

    Our team consists of nine translators who collaborate to various degrees and in different constellations, depending on the nature of the assignment. Together we offer both breadth and depth in a number of different fields.

    We only translate to Swedish and only in fields we master. And we do the work ourselves; we never engage the services of unknown translators. From experience, we know that the best results are achieved when the translators have a close and trusting relationship. We believe in doing things right from the start. Not only is it easier for us to do a good job, it is also more satisfying for everyone involved and in the final analysis, less expensive for the end customer, who avoids expensive post-editing.

    Prior Experience
    Before becoming full-time translators, we have worked with proofreading and editing for many years in publishing and journalism. We translate fiction, marketing, and technical texts. We have done several test translations for clients and have always received top grades.

    University Studies and Other Qualifications
    Subjects we have studied at the university level include language, linguistics, literature, history, sociology, journalism, and information technology, as well as drama, theater, and cinema. Cecilia Falk, who usually works as our internal project manager, has taught translation at the university level and holds courses in the CAT (computer assisted translation) tool Trados. Since 1996 Cecilia has maintained a popular website for translators, Cecilia Falk's Home Page.

    Project Groups
    Translators in our team have their own companies, clients, and specialties. When we are engaged for large projects some of our most experienced translators (with between 10 and 20 years of experience) form a temporary project team. Our project manager has a full overview of the project, actively participates in the translation work, and serves as contact person between client and translator.

    Our Values
    All translators in our team share the same basic professional values. We would rather turn down an assignment than sacrifice on quality. If we cannot accept an assignment for any reason, we gladly help you to come in contact with other translators.

    Contact Us

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