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Curriculum Vitae

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Leif Jacobsen

Author: Leif Jacobsen

Leif Jacobsen, Jacobsen
Translator/Linguistic Researcher. Masters degree in language (English, Swedish, and Danish). Certified optical technician, as well as a Tolkien expert with a passion for history and football.

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  • Personal Information
     Nationality Swedish
     Date of Birth 4 July, 1967
     Languages English and Danish (Norwegian) into Swedish
    Translator for 8 years
     Contact Information Jacobsen, Malmö
    Leif Jacobsen
    E-mail: info@jacobsenmedia.se
    Jacobsen: www.jacobsenmedia.se

     Translation and Localisation Translation of fiction and non-fiction, web sites, media and advertising, manuals, technical and medical texts, marketing material, etc.
     Subjects Medical devices / IVD Diagnostics
    Media and advertising
    Web sites and press releases
    Historical texts
    Sport and keep-fit measures
    Fiction (translated books)
    Customers TV-Shop Europe AB
    Xendon AB
    Lund University
    Bowne Global Solutions
    Norstedts Förlag
    Damm/Egmont Richter Förlag
    Bazar Förlag
    Hegas Förlag
     Examples of Projects Medical
    Nokia, John Deere, Harry´s Interactive
     Teaching Experience Language Teacher
    English (STS Språkresor)
    English, beginners course (Vuxenskolan, Lund)
    Conversational English (Vuxenskolan, Lund)
     Other Areas of Interest Linguistic research and preservation

    Degrees Master of Arts, Lund University
    Bachelor of Arts, Lund University
    Optical Technician, College of Applied Visual Science
    Subjects English (80 p)
    Swedish (40 p)
    Danish (language, history, translation) (20 p)
    Icelandic (5p)
    Translation theories (5 p)
    Cultural administration (20 p)
    Critical information processing and communication analysis (5 p)
    University essays Lund University
    "The Quest for the Empirical Hobbit: A Comparative Study of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings." Master´s level.
    "The Undefinable Shadowland: A Study of the Complex Question of Dualism in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings". Bachelor´s level.
    "När särskrivning blir sär skrivning - en inblick i den svenska särskrivningsproblematiken". With Ulrika Gagzis.
    "Normriktighetens olidliga godtycklighet: En inblick i normkonfliktens problematik".
    "The Lord of the Rings? En kritisk komparativ granskning av Åke Ohlmarks översättning av J.R.R. Tolkiens The Lord of the Rings".

     2002- Jacobsen, Malmö, Sweden
    Self-employed. Translation, media and advertising, teaching.
     1998-2002 Planit Media AB, Malmö, Sweden
    Database Product Manager. Editor of the News & Notes newsletter (2001-2002).
    Newspaper Database Manager (2000-2002).
    Senior Database Processor and responsible for the creation of newspaper database (2000).
    Temporary staff (1998-2000).
     2000 Lund University, Lund, Sweden
    Assistant researcher in the linguistic research project "Bron och språket" (The Bridge and the Language) concerning the regional language integration before and after the erection of the bridge between Denmark and Sweden. Overall responsibility for the execution of the practical research in Denmark and certain parts of Sweden.
     1997-1998 STS Språkresor Oxford, Isle of Wight, England
    Course Town Assistant, Financial Manager (1998).
    English teacher (1997).
     1995 Lunda Optik - Inslipningsverksta´n i Lund AB, Lund, Sweden
    Self-employed within the optometry business.
     1989-1994 Hoya Optikslip AB, Malmö, Sweden
    Optical technician / optician (1989-1990, 1992-1994). Optical technician / optician (Stockholm branch) (1998).

     2004 The Translators' Center (ÖC)
     2004- Swedish Association of Professional Translators (SFÖ)
    Leif Jacobsen is a member of The Swedish Association of Professional Translators

     2012 Swedish Authors' Fund, Two-year working grant
     2010 Swedish Authors' Fund, One-year working grant
     2008 Swedish Authors' Fund, One-year working grant

    Technical Specifications
     Hardware PC Pentium
    DVD Writer
    Zip Drive
    Laser printer
    Broadband connection
     Software Windows 2000/XP
    Office 97, 2000
    TRADOS Workbench, TagEditor, STagger, Multiterm
    Localisation tools
    Glossary tools
    Electronic dictionaries
    Indexing and search tools
    Macro tools

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